Let’s start from the very basics!!!!!!!!!!

# How Website Work?

The user or the client wants to access the server to visualize a website.

The client needs a network between him and the server to route the data and packets into the server then the server replies to the client and the client would be able to visualize the websites.

All the routing of messages or requests from client to server or server to client are made possible through IP Address.

The IP address helps in communication between the client and the server.

For Example - The letter

We write the sender’s address and Receiver's address on the envelope.

The postman sees the receiver’s address (IP Address) and sends it to the desired location (Server) and if Receiver (Server) wants to reply back it again checks the IP Address of the Sender and responds back to it. The networking is created by the post office. Hence, this is how the communication is made or say the websites work.

# What is Server composed of?

1. CPU → computational and calculations

2. Memory (RAM) → to store and retrieve data

"Brain stores the information or messages as memory and remembers them on time to make decisions as like as a CPU."

3. Database → to store data in an organized way.

4. Network → Routes, Switches, DNS Server

Note: Will be talking about them soon….

# Ever Visited Traditional IT buildings?

When people started their business in IT or started making websites, they usually bring the server to their home or garage and started their work.

As the work expands they need more servers to work and hence rebuild their house to an office or data center. This works and works for several years.

But eventually leads to several problems.

NOTE: The creation of Google was also started in a Garage.

# Problems with traditional IT approach….

· Pay for the rent for the data center.

· Pay for power supply, cooling, and maintenance.

· Adding and replacing hardware takes time.

· Scaling is limited.

· Hire a 24/7 team to monitor the infrastructure.

· How to deal with disasters?

And to avoid these problems Cloud Computing comes into existence!!!!!!