So Everyone want to learn Flutter quickly. The Biggest mistake people do they learn Flutter without it’s Language (DART). If you want to Learn Flutter UI Toolkit, you need to learn Dart First.
So We Start with DART Language.

First Thing First- What is Dart

  • Free and Open Source
  • Build by Google in 2011.
  • Inspired From C++, Java and JavaScript
  • General Purpose and Scaleable
  • It is a Statically Typed Language (Explicit Types)
  • Type Inference (Implicit Type) Automatic Detection of the Data Type Based on the Value
  • Multi Paradigm Support OOPS , Functional Programming, Async Programming , Reactive Programming
  • Can Mimic Dynamic Types using dynamic keyword
  • Sound Null Safety From Dart 2.x

How Dart Works

How Dart Works

Dart uses Multiple Compiler such as JIT, AOT , Dart2JS, Dart2native.

Just in Time Compiler - As it name says , compile small piece of code which is need it to execute rather than compiling the entire code and it is mostly need it for Hot Reload. Use in Development only.

Ahead of Time Compiler - Compiles the entire code and convert it into platform specific native code, it also make sure the compiled code is best optimised for particular platform. Used for Production release.

Dart Setup

  • No Setup , Just Write and Run. Use DartPad
  • Setup Locally. Download Dart from

Following is the Dart Installation Video for Reference

Let's Dirty our Hands in Dart Code


Every Dart Program is start with main

void main(){

Dart main function is void is doesn’t return any thing. It is just and entry point of program.

To run the dart program
1. Type dart yourfilename.dart from the terminal
2. click on run option coming on void main in vscode

VSCode is the Light Weight Open Source Editor from Microsoft, And it is Personally my favourite. It is based on Electron JS , and it is cross platform , work on MAC/Windows/Linux. It has thousands of extensions, some official and some made by community Let’s Start Using this To Download the VSCode , Visit Download VSCode

Extensions need it for Dart.

Printing in Dart

Taking Console Input in Dart

That's All Folks for this Tutorial See you  in next Tutorial 😎