What is Flutter?

  • Google Open Source Mobile SDK for Cross Platform Mobile App Development with Single Code Base. Flutter is Google Open Source Mobile SDK to develop native cross-platform Android and IOS Apps, with single code base. It means as a Mobile App Developer No need to learn 2 different language for 2 platform (Java for Android and Swift for IOS), we learn one Single language that is DART. This is the Beauty of flutter.
  • Flutter is using Dart Programming Language, Dart is an Open Source General Purpose Programming Language , Developed By Google in 2011. It is a General Purpose , so you can use it for Front End Web Development (Use With Angular) U can use it in Back End (With Node JS). Use it with Flutter for Making Cross Platform Mobile Apps.
  • It is a UI ToolKit. Use Predefine Widgets to Build UI
  • Uses SKIA Engine for Direct Talk to Graphic Layer.
  • All Dart Code Convert into Native Code (ARM Based).


Everything is Widget in Flutter?

Flutter Internals

Who is Using Flutter?


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Installing Flutter

That's all folks . Catch you in next tutorial. Happy Learning 😄