Hive Steps - Connect Flutter with Hive.

Hive introduction Ref Hive

Step-1 Get the dependencies of Hive and Hive Flutter

Include in pubspec.yaml file

Under the dependencies

These dependencies are the part of Bundle (APK) , Web , Desktop

  hive: ^2.2.3
  hive_flutter: ^1.1.0

Step-2 Add the Generator Dependency

These dependencies are the part of only the development

  hive_generator: ^1.1.3
  build_runner: ^2.2.0

Step-3 Do the Hive Initialise in main.dart file

// Initialise the Hive

await Hive.initFlutter(); // As we are using await so we need to put the async at main

// Register the Adapter

Hive.registerAdapter(PersonAdapter()); // For Binary Read and Write.

NOTE: Before Register for the Adapter we need to generate the Adapter first. Following are the steps for generating the adapter.

We create the model first add the required annotations and add the part of the adapter (Generate file will be)

import 'package:hive_flutter/hive_flutter.dart';
part 'person.g.dart';

@HiveType(typeId: 0)
class Person {
late String email;
late String password;
Person() {}
Person.takeInput({required, required this.password});
String toString() {
// TODO: implement toString
return "Email " + email + " Password " + password;

Now we need to generate the adapter using build_runner command.

flutter pub run build_runner serve --delete-conflicting-outputs

Run this command in terminal, under the project folder.

In main.dart I open the box , you can do the same in your screen as well.

Box<Person> box = await Hive.openBox('persons');

Step-4 Suppose in register screen I want to use hive. And in my case I create the box inside the main. So I pass hive box object to the screen.

runApp(MaterialApp(home: Register(box)));

Step-5 In register screen we want to add the data inside the box, and we want to display the data.

To add the data in the box call, but make sure first create the person object and fill the required data


To print the data in Screen

We use the ValuableListenableBuilder widget, so we listen the box.listenable

height: 200,
child: ValueListenableBuilder<Box<Person>>( // this is a widget
valueListenable:,  // Box get read.
builder: (context, Box<Person> box, Widget? widget) { // Data comes so build the widget using builder function
if (box.isEmpty) {
return Text('No Data in Box');
} else {
return ListView.builder(
itemCount: box.length,
itemBuilder: (context, int index) {
return Text(box.getAt(index)!.email); // get the one by one box value.

That' all Folks, Happy Learning :).